Lake Okeechobee Box


Also known as Florida’s Inland Sea and the state’s largest freshwater lake, the “Big O” enjoys a reputation as one of the nation’s biggest and best fishing spots for largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill. Baitstick has cast a net far and wide to bring together the essential tackle needed for Lake Okeechobee and big bass success. Experienced anglers and professional guides have weighed in on the gear inside the Baitstick Box specifically assembled for Lake Okeechobee and similar waters of southern Florida. All fishing is local and Baitstick is committed to bringing you products to make your next fishing trip your best trip.

Grab a Baitstick Box and your favorite rod and reel and make your way to Lake Okeechobee to get your trophy fish.

The Baitstick Box for Lake Okeechobee includes worm and weighted hooks, as well as swimjigs, frog, craws, worms, and spinnerbait selected for the season.

The Baitstick Box: Baitstick’s box of core essentials featuring premium tackle selected for Lake Okeechobee.  Shipping is included.

The Baitstick Box XL: Double the size of the Baitstick Box for Lake Okeechobee and save at the same time for your next day on the water.  Shipping is included.