Florida Baitstick Box


Have a favorite location to fish in Florida or want to explore a new place to fish with the right gear? Florida bass fishing can be different than bass fishing found in other regions. For example, Florida’s freshwater lakes are often natural, shallow sink holes formed thousands of years ago in the limestone bedrock found throughout the state. These waters typically can have few natural offshore bottom structures. And Florida bass lakes and rivers also frequently have limited visibility of a few feet or less. So different types of fishing lures and techniques are often required depending upon conditions and where an angler fishes.

Baitstick partners with expert area suppliers and experienced anglers with local knowledge to bring together bait and tackle for Florida fishing. And Baitstick Boxes are filled with handpicked bait and tackle and Florida fishing in mind. No subscription required!

The Baitstick Box for Florida can vary depending on what regional suppliers and experienced anglers determine is best for different Florida waters at different times of year. But boxes for freshwater typically include hooks, as well as crankbaits, craws, worms, swimbait, and spinnerbait selected.

Individual boxes can also be adjusted for particular locations in Florida identified by customers when ordering, including Harris Chain of Lakes, St Johns River, or Lake Okeechobee as examples of unique locations in Florida. So now seasoned anglers can resupply with essentials and new anglers can fish regional rivers and lakes right out of the box.

The Baitstick Box Florida: Baitstick’s box of core essentials featuring premium tackle selected for fishing freshwater in Florida. Shipping is included.

The Baitstick Box Florida XL: Double the size of the box for fishing freshwater in Florida and save at the same time for your next day on the water. Shipping is included.