Ultimate Getting Started Fishing Combo


Getting started with fishing and need help with finding the right gear for your location and budget?

Choosing the right type, size, and model of rod and reel can be confusing and overwhelming at times, even for veteran anglers. And knowing the right type of line to use or the right lures to use locally are also often challenges to getting started fishing.

Baitstick works with fishing guides and expert anglers with regional knowledge and experience to take the guesswork and time out of getting started fishing.

The Baitstick team can put together a combination of rod, reel, line, and regionally-selected lures and ship it all to your door (we’ll even put the line on the reel for you if you want to fish right out of the box!).

Individual products included in Getting Started Fishing Combo orders may vary depending on customer identified preferences and requirements. The fish is sold separately or ideally caught on purchased gear.

Contact Baitstick to start or complete an order. Or take the quiz to get started.

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