Anglers Are Our #1 Partner

Baitstick works side by side with everyday anglers to help create the next great fishing trip. And Baitstick also works with fishing tackle partners, experts, companies, and institutions to create partnerships that work for consumers and meet our high standards.

Industry and Market Partners

Baitstick provides anglers with fishing product reviews and buying guides.  Baitstick advises consumers without compromising independence and making clear when and what is being provided by one of our partners.  And Baitstick partners with industry organizations and companies in the
marketplace to deliver additional products and services to our followers.

How It Works

If Baitstick site visitors later buy products from our partners then Baitstick can receive referral rewards. Baitstick also may promote products from companies that do not have products reviewed by Baitstick.



local fishing store - Baitstick

We partner and can accept fees with local retail merchants to support the growth of fishing locally and support small and regional retailers. All fishing is local in the end, and local fishing and tackle stores offer valuable area knowledge and what products work best locally.

Contact Baitstick for more information on how Baitstick can deliver new online and local market prospects and customers.


We partner and can accept fees with national retailers to support anglers with existing retail loyalties and preferences for larger retail stores. And Baitstick helps these anglers stay ahead of the latest in fishing products available at national retailers.

For more information on national retailer partner opportunities fill out the contact form.


Online Merchants - Baitstick

We partner and can accept fees from online retailers that provide
customers with the shopping convenience they often prefer.  Online partners can also often deliver fishing products quickly to parts of the country where other retailers may be less convenient for many anglers.

For more information for online retailer partner opportunities fill out the contact form.

Promotional Partners

Baitstick partners with companies and organizations that provide products and services to anglers and the fishing community overall. Given Baitstick’s commitment to unbiased, independent, and in-depth product reviews and buying guides, Baitstick only accepts ads from companies whose products are not reviewed on the website. Baitstick does not allow ads on its Twitter, Facebook or Instagram sites. There also are no paid content opportunities via Baitstick. For more information on promotional partner opportunities please contact Baitstick using the contact form.


Baitstick supports efforts to build the next generation of anglers nationwide, including the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and The Outdoor Foundation