Fishing Gear Baitstick Uses

Here is the gear that Baitstick team members like to use while out field testing and fishing for fun.

These items are not products that Baitstick has put through its product review process or formally field-tested. This is simply the gear we happen to use and like.

Fishing Equipment

Filet Knife

Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife – Baitstick likes this knife.  You can spend more if you want.  But this knife has a blade that can cut and that is the sign of a good knife.  Also has good gripping handle.  It’s that simple.

Tackle Box

Plano XL 3-Tray Box – Baitstick likes this classic looking tackle box.  It is pretty basic, priced fairly, and holds enough gear to be prepared for a day on the water.

Travel Rod Tube

Plano Rod Tube – Baitstick likes this rod travel tube case.  If you are taking your rods on the road or on an airplane to fish new waters then this tube will protect your prized fishing rods.  It’s even handy for just leaving a rod safely in the back of the truck.


Bubba Blade 7.5 Inch Fishing Pliers – Baitstick likes these pliers. Good quality fishing pliers aren’t cheap. But they’re worth it if you find quality pliers like this pair. And if you clean them and take care of them then they will last long enough to make the cost more of an investment. Made from stainless steel, these pliers come with non-slip grip handle, tungsten cobalt cutters, and has crimpers and cuts braid line.


Ranger Ruler Telescopic Handle Landing Net – Baitstick likes this net. More expensive options exist but why would you? This net does what is needed in safely landing fish. Extendable handle helps adjustments to be made for boat or shore use. And the handle doubles as a measuring stick to find out whether you’ve landed a keeper or world record sized fish.


Rapala Digital Fish Gripper – Baitstick likes this scale. If you’re wanting to see whether you’ve caught a record breaker this scale will do the job. This digital scale comes with stainless steel construction and can be used in fresh and saltwater environments.


Baitstick likes this shirt. It does the job and protects your from the sun while on the water. It’s durable and isn’t likely going to fall apart quickly in the wash or heat of the dry cycle. Comes in a range of colors if you care about that. More importantly, it’s designed for the movements of fishing and won’t hold you back. Easy breathing fabrics keeps you cool and dries quickly if you end up more wet than the fish.

Fishing Gear

Baitstick likes these pants. If you want a pair of reliable pants to keep in the trunk of the car or stuffed in a bag to grab on the way out the door, these will do well. They’re made from strong but light material and dry quickly if you decide to take on a fish on their home court. The pants will protect you from the sun if your’re out all day. Do you need pants just for fishing. Maybe not. But if you want a pair, these will do you well.


Baitstick likes these shoes. They’re basic and this is what we like about them. The shoes are priced reasonably and will provide protection from stray hooks. They breath well enough to keep you cool while protecting you from sun and elements. They’re light so they won’t weigh you down and drain well if you step below the waterline. Made of canvas and leather with good rubber gripping soles for more solid footing on boat decks or on
a rain soaked dock.


Baitstick likes these gloves. They work. They’re not the fanciest gloves or the most expensive. And that’s kind of the point. They get the job done. Protect your hands from sun and the elements. If you’re going to spend extra money on something, then buy another lure.


Baitstick likes this hat. It does what hats do; it protects you from sun and elements. It’s light-weight and made from quick drying materials. The trucker style hat has soft mesh back panels. You spend more on a hat. But it’s a hat. It may not be the place to bust the bank.

Rain Gear

Baitstick likes this rain jacket.  There are cheaper and more expensive jackets.  But this one does the trick.  It’s tough, waterproof, and breathable.  It’s got pockets to keep your hands warm and to store stuff along the way.  The hood is adjustable and has adjustable cuffs to keep wind and water out.