Fishing Solutions

Looking to get started fishing or just need help finding all the right gear for your budget and for where you want to fish?

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll find it together to get you fishing. Let's get started.


Want to get out and fish but need help getting the right gear for a location and budget you have in mind?

Tired of Searching?

Tired of wandering big box stores and searching online endlessly only to be left alone to hunt for the right fishing products meant for the local areas and budgets you have in mind?

Tired of Guessing?

Had enough of shopping online and in stores with hundreds of lures available but left on your own to figure out which products together will be best for local waters and the budget you want to spend?

Want to Just Go Fishing?

You decide where you want to go fishing and the budget. Baitstick will pull together the lures for your location and budget. Fish local water right out of the Baitstick box with the fishing gear meant for your local area and budget.


Baitstick has brought together a national team of experienced anglers to create a service to get more anglers fishing and to take the mystery out of buying fishing gear.

Baitstick starts with where you want to fish and your budget. Going fishing is made easier with Baitstick then sharing with you combinations of fishing gear for the location and budget you choose.

Baitstick makes it easier to get out and fish in the areas you want to go and the budget you have in mind.