What is Baitstick?

Baitstick provides anglers with fishing gear and information for making the next fishing trip the best trip.

Looking to get started fishing or just need help finding the right gear for your budget and for where you want to fish?

Baitstick offers personalized advice, independent recommendations, and fishing products that meet your specified budget and the fishing location that you choose.

Baitstick’s story began in 2020 when its founders wanted to help friends and family by putting in one place their collective fishing knowledge from around the country and from decades of experience. Baitstick was formed to be a locally-focused resource for anglers of any level of skill or experience seeking proactive service, compelling content, and expert-vetted products. The company is powered by a network of experienced anglers from around the country.

How does Baitstick work?

Take the Quiz and choose the location where you want to fish. Baitstick’s experienced team of anglers and professionals can find the right rod, reel, line, and bait and tackle for the location where you want to fish.

You choose decide your budget. If you’re new to fishing or just want help making sense of what’s great for your budget, Baitstick can take the guesswork out of buying gear. Baitstick tests different rods, reels, and bait and tackle combinations to figure out what works well in different regions and for different seasons. So you pick the budget and let Baitstick put together the fishing gear for the price and location you choose.

Fish local water right out of the Baitstick box with the fishing gear meant for where you want to fish. Take the Quiz to get started.

What makes Baitstick different?

Baitstick starts with understanding where you want to fish and your budget. Baitstick then shares with you a recommended combination of fishing gear for the location and budget you choose, including rod, reel, line, and lures for the area you choose.

All fishing is local. Baitstick makes it easier to get out and fish in the areas you want to go and the budget you have in mind.

Want to fish saltwater and freshwater? Go for it. Baitstick will select product you can take for lake, river, and ocean fishing.

Meet some of the experienced anglers behind Baitstick

Baitstick has brought together a national team of experienced anglers to create a service to take the mystery out of buying fishing gear and getting on the water. Some of the experienced team of anglers behind Baitstick includes:

Dave McKee – Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Dave McKee has been a fishing guide and outfitter in Montana for nearly three decades and currently spends close to 250 days a year on the water. Dave is a freelance writer and served as the weekly outdoors columnist for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle for ten years. He has also been an instructor for the Montana Fly Fishing Guide School, tied flies commercially for Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone and taught numerous fly tying and rod building classes. He is currently a member of the Scientific Anglers Pro Staff and is an Umpqua Feather Merchants Signature Fly Tier. Dave has served on the Fishing Outfitters of Montana Board of Directors and holds a U.S. Coast Guard Captains License.

Nat Moody – Nat has been guiding clients to some of the best fishing the world has to offer for over twenty years. From New England to Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas, North Carolina and Costa Rica, his life’s passion is showing people incredible fishing. For nineteen years he owned and operated First Light Anglers, a tackle and fly shop with a reputation as the place to go in Massachusetts for regional fishing gear and expert advice.

Kyle Patrick – Kyle is a Bassmaster Opens pro fishing all 9 Bassmaster Opens with the goal of becoming a Bassmaster Elite Series pro. In 2020 he won 16 tournaments in New York and qualified for the Bassmaster team Trail Championship through the Empire Team Trail. Kyle fishes extensively in the South and throughout the Northeast. Having grown up in New England, Kyle was raised as a saltwater angler but has turned his focus professionally to fishing the lakes of upstate New York. When he is not on the Bassmaster Opens tour, Kyle spends fall, winter, and spring months fishing throughout the southeastern United States.

Danno Wise – Capt. Danno Wise has lived along the Gulf Coast of Texas his entire life. And, Danno has spent a lifetime making a living from being outdoors – first as a hunting and fishing guide, later as a boat captain, snorkel and scuba diving tour leader, and finally as an outdoor writer, artist and photographer. Currently, in addition to guiding light-tackle anglers and fly fishers in the pristine waters of the Lower Laguna Madre near the Texas/Mexico border, Danno is the publisher of and contributing editor and illustrator for Texas Outdoors Journal and various other publications.

Want to join the growing Baitstick team across the United States? Have great experience to share as a veteran fishing guide, successful fishing gear retailer, or expert regional angler? Contact us.

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Return Policy

We are committed to offering the best value to our customers. If you have questions about products purchased from Baitstick, please contact us.

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Baitstick supports efforts to build the next generation of anglers nationwide, including the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and The Outdoor Foundation