MRN2000 wholesale pricing and order form.  You may fill out order form below print and mail with check, or use your credit card. f you have any questions please call us at 734 6733336

 Thanks for your interest in our products. I Our products are a great outdoor, fishing, and sport show bonanza, if your company participates in these type events. This is an excellent proven sport show ca$h cow.  

BAITSTICK: Wholesale order minim of one store pack of 10 lots with 12 tubes per lot. $372 plus 17.50 S&H total $389. In store suggested retail, $7.50 per tube.
Kryptonite 3200 pack $38.00 plus $8.80 S&H Total $46.80. This is enough to dye 3,200 night crawlers
Kryptonite 6400 pack $64.00 plus $11.20 S&H Total $75.20. This is enough to dye 6,400 night crawlers
Minnow & bait fish dye
RED - BLUE- GOLD-GREEN Bulk color dye pack . 34.50 plus S&H $8.80 total $43.30 per color dye pack.

This minnow dye is concentrated deep coloring for dead minnows or minnows that will be frozen. Each color pack will dye over a thousand minnows.


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Baitstick  Lots    Worm dye K 3200    Worm dye K 6400       

Minnow dye RED      Minnow dye BLUE     Minnow dye GOLD Minnow dye GREEN

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