Baitdye minnow dip                    

Four colors, with powerful bait scent 




                                                 Minnow dip cup clipped to boat

Minnow dye concentrate

Mixing dye:

Shake bottles well. Using a plastic cup mix dye color 1 to 1 with activator. Water can also be added to the dye mixture 1 to 1, or use it straight for deeper color...

Dip minnow fishing:

Put your minnow on the hook and dip into the dye mixture for a several seconds then start fishing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DON'T TOSS AWAY YOUR DEAD MINNOWS

Bulk freezing directions:

What you will need: Plastic strainer, large spoon, freezer bags, and a plastic container with lid. Your local dollar store has these items.

Put your minnows in the strainer and drain off as much water as you can. Dump the minnows into a plastic container and pour in the dye covering as many minnows as possible (see mixing dye above). Use a large spoon to mix the minnows into the dye. Let them soak in the color for 30 minutes. Using your strainer over the container spoon in the dyed minnows. Let them drain off the dye, and put the minnows in sandwich size zip lock freezer bags, and freezer. I would suggest each bag have a days worth of minnow fishing.

The excess dye can be used to dye more minnows so keep the container lid on till next use. Keep bottle caps tight on color and activator not used and store in cool place.

Fishing with freeze dyed minnows:

Dump the frozen minnows out of the zip lock bag into a bucket of water., After they thaw out use your minnow dip net remove the minnows, pour out dye rinse water. Refill bucket with clean water and add minnows. You may repeat this rinse if needed.

By rinsing the minnows you won’t get dye on your hands. The dye is harmless, wash with soap and warm water to remove.


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