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antscrop.JPG (138030 bytes)

LIVE ANTS!!   Bass Panfish and Trout wont pass this up

PILLBUGS.bmp (921678 bytes)

Pillbugs are every where, and fish love them! Glue them on a hook and watch the live movement.


DORISRO.jpg (275904 bytes)

DORISPO.bmp (921678 bytes)

  charnew1.jpg (95588 bytes)

NEW Baitstick, live bait dye!! More Info

Yes believe your eyes live green chartreuse worms!

DORISYO.bmp (921678 bytes)

WAX1.jpg (211250 bytes)

This wax worm is alive and well!


BSCRICK.jpg (152650 bytes)







mondog.JPG (95684 bytes)

Catfish love dog food and other dry pet food!!

Now its so easy,
simply  glue on some dog food!

MONSPON.jpg (178305 bytes)

This is what an angler told us he was doing to catch more Salmon, and trout.
Baitstick on the hook, or shank  then dipped in cake sprinkles. The sweet flavor and color worked great!


DORISYW.jpg (217196 bytes)





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