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1999:  Issue 1       Volume 2

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Are you ready?

Fishing season is here, or close to it. Take the time to go through your tackle box. Organize it. Take a written inventory of what you have and what you need to get.
Here are a few suggestions: First aid kit, flashlight, snacks, water, matches, plastic bags, knife. This is the minimum to take with your tackle for a day of fishing.

This May Save your Life

It's getting to be a lot like spring. That means swimming soon or you may live or vacation in an area that offers warm outdoor swimming regions all year long.  If you will be in a large body of water like the ocean, please watch out for Rip Tides!  Rip tides claim lives every year.  A Rip Tide is water that is pushed in waves to the shore or beach forming a reverse flow or tide back out to sea. This Rip Tide area is a current of water that flows out to sea as an under current relieving the water pressure from the shore or beach.

If you get caught in a Rip Tide, you will know it because no matter how hard you swim you are not making progress back to shore. The correct action to take is swim at an angle to shore, and you will make progress quickly.

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