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Mike Lewsinski  Cont.

"Fly fishermen should find numerous applications for my Baitstick," said Dudley. "I know a guy who used it to stick live caddis flies on a No. 20 dry fly hook and cast it on the Au Sable River". "When I asked him how it worked, he just smiled and said, "the insect's flapping wings and other commotion while on the water attracted three times as many strikes". I have used Baitstick a number of times and found it works best in still water with little or no current. My favorite baits to use with the stuff are crickets, because the product holds them firmly to the hook without killing the insects. This makes
them twice as effective for bluegills and sunfish and they stay on the hook even when repeatedly bitten. I recently used some Baitstick dyed red to attach some wax worms to my hook. The glob of red Baitstick made a great contrasting color to the pure white of the grub so that it looked like some type of manufactured artificial lure.
I RECOMMEND keeping a small bottle of paint solvent handy as at times you will get the Baitstick on your fingers and then onto the reel and on your monofilament line, which can be a problem. However this small drawback is nothing when compared to the potential for this product. Baitstick is available from Dudley in 1 ounce and 2 ounce bottles for $7.50 and $13 Local retailers handling Baitstick include Bottom Line Bait & Tackle in Rockwood or The Fishin' Hole in Taylor. You can order Baitstick on the Internet at

     PHONE: 734-544-4599