By Mike Lewsinski 

October 4,1998
Baitstick a product you can stick with"Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door"? Perhaps, but Jearald Dudley of Gibraltar has discovered a better way to catch fish rather than mice. This tall, stolid Vietnam veteran has come with a neat system to secure live bait to a hook other than impaling and killing it.
Marketing targeted at fishermen is filled with gadgets, lures and plain junk proclaimed to help anglers either catch more or bigger fish. SOME OF them are laughable in the claims they make, such as "drives fish crazy or calls lunkers from across the lake to your lure"To novice anglers some of this stuff might sound logical. This is especially true of late night TV ads where cheap, useless items are hawked by celebrities or even successful pro anglers who should know better. Other products are just modernized version of age-old gear. The only TV advertising that compares to it is targeted at golfers. While the product
is different and generally useless, the pitch is the same, bigger, longer, better!" The old saw, "there's a sucker born every minute," continues to prove its validity except perhaps the number should be changed to five born per minute. TAKING A LIMIT or a trophy fish is often a matter of putting in one's time on the water, with the proper location. Years of experience, trial and error plus a knowledge of tackle, and how to use is effectively eventually pays off. There are no shortcuts that  can bring that instant success. However there are products to make things easier.
All new fishing products are not junk and many assist anglers to increase their catches. In my opinion, Baitstick, a new product introduced by Jearald Dudley of Gibraltar, has come up with just such a commodity by creating a sticky  situation. Dudley has found a glue that holds bugs and other dry baits such as wax worms, mouseys or maggots to the hook without killing them in the process.
He wraps the shank of the hook where it bends (the gape) with Baitstick until a glob about the size of a small raisin is applied. He then  touches that portion to a bug or several bugs and whamo, you've got squirming, wriggling live bait that isn't dying and will stay on the hook even when cast several times then pulled through a bunch of weeds.
THIS IS amazing stuff and the potential uses for live bait fishing are enormous. "Baitstick should be a real handy item for ice anglers," said Dudley. "While it does stiffen up a little when cold, if kept close to the body until
ready to use, it stays pliable"."Once the bait is stuck to it and lowered into the water, the problem is solved".
"In really cold weather, just heated with a match or lighter for a second and it softens right up." Dudley remembers that during childhood, he was surrounded by an endless supply of bait in the form of ants, pill bugs, bees, and so on. Keeping these on the hook posed a real problem that he didn't solve until recently with his Baitstick formula.
The thick, opaque, gel is "just a natural mixture of plants resins. I add color and flavoring but it's biodegradable and absolutely safe. Mineral spirits will remove over-spills and it won't damage the fiberglass or finishes of a boat".
ITS EDIBLE and if you ask him to, Dudley will even swallow a hunk. The main ingredient in Baitstick is rather common in industrial uses, Dudley  won't divulge its formula "because it would be too easy for people to make it
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