How to use Baitstick
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Don't kill the bait  with your hook!
Try Baitstick one time and you are stuck on it forever!
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1. Remove top to expose the Baitstick material. Stick Point of hook into the glue and pull away wrapping glue around your hook at the same time.
2. Pull away wrapping  hook until material thins and separates.

3. Next just touch the Baitstick hook to the insect or bait.
To remove: Clean Baitstick and bait off hook with a paper towel.


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Catfish love dog food. Glue it on with Baitstick!!

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Trout and Salmon are attracted to the sweet taste of  cake sprinkles


Company statement

Clear Baitstick gives the bait its natural look. Try all types of bait and insects to chose what works best in different water areas, and at different times of the year. This technique allows live bait to be attached to a fishing hook with a super stick thick taffy like glue. Baitstick is non toxic environmentally safe, and will not harm you the insect or our waters. The glue will stay sticky even after it becomes wet. Cast after cast, pulled through weeds and Lilly pads the bait will stay stuck on the hook. Insects stay alive kicking squirming and fluttering trying to get free. This frantic movement by the insect attracts fish to this natural food source. Now the angler can fish with almost anything.