Baitcure for minnows or other fishing bait



The advantages of cured bait are:

* No need to use a live bait bucket,

*  Aerators are not needed to keep live bait,

* You will loose less bait because it stays on the hook longer,

* No need to worry about wasting bait that isnít used,

* You can always have bait on hand and ready to go. 

Bait that has been cured is firm and will hold the hook much better. It also has the same amount of natural scents as live bait just as long as you donít wash or rinse the bait before curing

Baits are easily carried in a bag or small container

Baitcure can cure all kinds of bait including minnows, night crawlers, and shrimp. Great for Walleye, Lake perch, Steelhead, Pan fish or for surf fishing. If you collect your own bait, keep them alive or on ice until ready to start curing it. You can also use uncooked shrimp from the super market

Finger mullet and menhaden up to about 5 inches can be cured whole. Squid can be cut up into strips or pieces

is so much easier and more convenient than dealing with live bait.  Even if have a preference for using live bait itís a great backup.

Directions: Fresh or live bait will give the best results.

Select a freezer ziplock bag suitable for the size bait you want to cure, and cover the bottom with1/4Ē of Baitcure and place the bait on it  followed by another layer of Baitcure fully covering the bait. You can continue building layers of bait and Baitcure until all the bait you want to cure is covered close and shake the bag. Open the bag and place in the freezer (uncovering helps dry the bait out)

Once the bait is fully frozen cured 2-3 days you can zip it closed or package it in smaller zip locks or vacuum sealed bags and keep the cured bait in the freezer until ready to use. Don't remove or rinse off the cure, it will come off in the water leaving a Strike scent.

Keep the container you used to cure your bait in the freezer ready for the next curing and reuse any Baitcure left in the container. Donít be concerned about how hard the cured bait becomes. Thatís why it stays on the hook so much better. All the original scents will be preserved with it. Once it hits the water it performs just like any other form of bait

 Once you give it a try, I guarantee youíll use it on a regular basis.