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I am so glad I found your site. I bought some Baitstick 2 years ago and didn't know where to get more. We love using it.

Gretta in MO

I bought some Baitstick at an outdoor show. I didn't think anything of it. Our daughter Cindy  took it out of the tackle box when my family was on a week long river boat outing. She was using insects and  ants the catch Gills like I have never seen. We all started using Baitstick , I could have sold 100 bottles to the people on our boat. I am so glad I found your web site.

Ray Cummings Family


I was paying $1 more per dozen for predyed chartreuse walleye night crawlers. With one bottle of Baitdye I did 500 crawlers. Walleye hit the Baitdye crawler 3 to 1. I don't know if its the color or flavor it gives off, but if it will get me more Walleye in the boat, and it certainly dose that, then I will use it.                 

Chuck Simmons fishing in MN


Looking forward to seeing you at the Chicago Outdoor sport and fishing show. My wife and I had a good show last year, and the folks really liked Baitstick. We sold tons of it, and have return buyers.  Your buddy CJ


Thanks for the phone conversation and speedy refill of my order, as I told you my son dropped our only bottle of  Baitstick in the lake, and I was sick. My son and I were out fishing in our boat when it happened. We have a 14ft fishing boat and love to fish for bluegills in lakes around our home. He is 8 and has so mush fun, we love Baitstick and all the neat insects we now use to fish with                     

Helen Grass Lake MI


I have a cabin on a lake, and the spider webs around the place are now my bait boxes. Using two insects stuck on my hook produces great action. The insects are fighting each other and fighting to get off the hook. It was a small battle going on, on my hook. Big trout come up from the bottom to hit it. People troll all day and don't catch the number or size trout I catch. Now my secret is out!
Bill | Canton, MI


Dear Baitstick
I limit out catching Bluegills with Baitstick. I use regular maggots, and a small wire hook. I put the glue on my hook and stick it down in my plastic jar of maggots. Several stick on easily . I drop the line in the water and bam bam another hand size gill.
Mike Graling | MI


On the Ausabo river during the Mayfly hatch I had limited luck with conventional fly fishing using an assortment of artificial fly's. I then put Baitstick on a dry fly stuck on a live mayfly. The Mayfly would actuality fly up lifting the hook off the water then dropping back down. The trout hit the Baitstick mayfly 5 to 1 against typical fly fishing.
Erick Sharp Detroit

I have found a great way to catch catfish. By putting Baitstick on the hook. I press on dog food. The dog food stays on quite some time ,, and the tasty flavor it gives off really attracts cat to the hook. What can I say it works too good!Ben St. Louis


We've got a great little place on a lake near Hale, MI. The fishing has been good this summer, but the bass are as elusive as ever. Baitstick sounds like the perfect solution. I just ordered by first bottle. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tip, Bill from Canton. You've given me a new perspective on those cottage spider webs.
Guy | Flint, MI



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