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Cruelty or a new method of fishing that produces more fish ? Creepy crawlers bugs and ants, watch out. Don’t step on them, do what these anglers do!

New fishing technique spreading across the country

There is a new controversial fishing method that some feel is cruel. PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or someone identifying with that organization sent out thousands of emails telling Outdoor writers not to publish any information on this method.

This technique is used widely in the Midwest, and spreading across the country. The technique has been in dozens of outdoor information sources throughout the US.

The technique allows live bait to be attached to a fishing hook with a very sticky taffy-like material. The result is the bait is not impaled by the hook and killed. Insects are, and stay alive kicking, squirming and fluttering trying to get free, and this is where the controversy comes in. It is a technique that permits anglers to use any type of dry, live bait when fishing for their favorite catch. This glued on live baited hook can be used in fly fishing, spin casting or with a flip rod. This frantic movement by the insect attracts fish to this natural food source. Now, the angler can fish with almost anything. Insects of all types fall into our lakes rivers streams and ponds. These insects are a big part of the fishes natural food. Most of these insects can’t be put on a hook because they are to small or to delicate. A Michigan company has come up with a solution.

The technique was field tested by several highly respected outdoor information sources around the country. Their results and link can be found on the web site. Information on what fish where caught, bait used and were they where caught. A very in-depth test of Baitstick. One outdoor expert and field tester said " Baitstick bait glue is amazing in its simplicity and deadly effectiveness on catching fish " " It is a super thick, soft, sticky, non-toxic, environmentally safe glue that is applied to the fishing hook, then live bait is stuck to the material. Trout, Salmon, Bass, Panfish, Catfish, and other fish that pass on conventional fishing methods, can’t resist the live bait nonstop movement."

Catfish eat dog food? Trout love candy?

Mary Petty, a Product Director at Baitstick said." We get great feedback!" One angler reported that he "limits out" on Bluegill, and other panfish using maggots! A fly fisherman called, to say he had incredible action during the Mayfly hatch in northern Michigan, and easily caught Steelhead and Rainbow Trout. He used live Mayflies stuck on a dry fly hook using Baitstick. Big black carpenter ants are a favorite with Baitstick users for bass and pan fish. We don’t see the problem as cruelty this fishing method is even more humane as the live bait is not harmed by the glue said Petty

Trout are fished for using wax worms stuck to the hook then dipped in regular cake sprinkles. The sweet flavor and coloring added to a moving bait does the trick she said.

Catfish have been reported caught on dry dog food that is glued on the hook ."It’s so simple to apply the glue to your hook then press on dry dog food "said Petty.

Think of all the different insects and bait to use; worms, spiders, beetles, bees, ants, grasshoppers and any other dry bait a fisherman, or fisherlady wants to use, said Petty.

This sticky material is nothing like toxic super glue that gets hard, breaks off, anesthetizes and kills the bait. Few, if any fish are attracted to the pungent toxic smell of super glue she said. Baitstick has no odor or taste.

To contact Baitstick. Telephone 734- 6767772. Web site

By Jearald Dudley

139 Wiard

Ypsilanti MI. Ph 734 6767772 email

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Letter included

Dear Outdoor Editor

Several Newspapers that ran this release stated, that their Outdoor Page has never received more calls than when the Baitstick, bait glue article was published. Radio and TV outdoor programs also got similar results

We are anxious to speak with you or your staff about an interview at your earliest convenience. We also will be glad to send your company a press package.

This new technique will get a huge response from your readers. We have received many phone calls and positive comments on Baitstick and its use from people using the product.

More information and pictures about Baitstick is on our web site at

Phone 734-6767772



Mary Petty Baitstick


30274 Young St

Rockwood MI 48173

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