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By Terry Liddell

April 8, 1999
Columnist impressed by Baitstick
Terry Liddell
Serious anglers should take notice to an amazing new product called Baitstick Bait Glue. As an avid angler, I have enjoyed countless days fishing for trout and northern pike in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. I have also enjoyed trying my luck for bass, bluegill, and catfish through out Arkansas and Texas. Over the years I have tried many products that I have claimed to be the next magic worker for anglers. Some of the products have been alright, but none of them have made me sit up and take notice like Baitstick has. It was developed by Jearald Dudley, an enthusiastic angler from Michigan who describes Baitstick as a thick, soft, non-toxic, environmentally safe glue that is applied to the fishing hook. Live bait is then stuck to the material. Baitstick is an absolute must for anybody who has ever wished that they could find some way to increase their fishing success. Resembling something similar to sap from a pine tree, Baitstick makes it possible to keep your live bait just that, alive. It works with any easily acquired dry bait such as moths, beetles, bees, ants, and grasshoppers. I have even used it to hold dry dog food while fishing for catfish. When I first received a sample of Baitstick, I was not instantly impressed by all of the claims being made by its creator. But once I tried it for myself, I quickly lost any negative thoughts. I decided to first try Baitstick  during a recent fishing trek to lake Leatherwood near Eureka Springs.  I squeezed a small amount of the sticky stuff onto the end of a small No. 10 hook. I then dipped the hook into a small jar of the red ants that I had taken along as bait. Several of the ants immediately stuck to the hook and began struggling  and fighting in a useless struggle to free themselves. I attached a small, clear bobber about to feet above the hook before tossing my line alongside  of a covered boat dock. Since a hook covered with Baitstick floats, the bobber  had been attached only to assure me of enough casting distance to hit my targeted  fishing area. My bait offering of Baitstick attached ants had been in the water for less than a minute when a nice pan-sized largemouth bass suddenly emerged from under the dock and struck the ants hard. That fish was just the first of several that I managed to catch the first time that I used Baitstick. I spent the rest of the day trying a variety of live insect baits, usually resulting in the same type of angling success. Baitstick can be purchased in a one ounce tube for $7.50 and a two ounce tube for $12.50. A bottle of reel and glue cleaner can be purchased for $1.50. Prices include shipping and handling. There are  four colors - red, green, yellow, and clear. To order Baitstick for yourself, or as a gift, send your written request, specifying the size, color, and quantity that you wish to purchase, along with your check or money order to: Baitstick, 30274 Young Street, Rockwood, MI 48173. If you have any questions about how to use Baitstick, or need more information concerning the product feel free to contact me at

The Daily Record.
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